About us

We are Credem Group’s private banking division

Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking is born from the merger of Credem Private Banking and Banca Euromobiliare.

This project aims to strengthen its distinctive positioning in respect of a broader consultancy spectrum aimed at managing the total wealth of customers, also through synergic actions with all the Group's wealth management companies. This new entity is born from the combined strength of Banca Euromobiliare and Credem, while preserving the distinctive features that have allowed us to become one of the leading private banking operators in Italy.

What sets us apart

We started out big, but not too much. We are large, but we continue to expand steadily thanks to the right size: we are accomplished like the bigger players, yet nimble like the little ones.


We were born with rock-solid foundations: our strength lies in the leadership values of Credem, the first private banking group in Italy and widely regarded as the financially soundest in Europe. 


We are Special and Specialized because we have inherited our parent Group's entrepreneurial DNA and its unwavering focus on investment management. We boast fifty years of experience and specialized expertise in private banking which allows us to offer a personal and privileged relationship to each client.

We cater to an elite set of investors with superior levels of financial culture and high net worth wealth.


Our clientele is especially attentive but also very demanding. Our investment solutions and strategies are meticulous in detail, and tailored to each individual client’s specific characteristics, needs and objectives.


Best results and customer satisfaction first and foremost
Our offer spans a broad range of financial products, and it is shaped by our close ties with the best asset management companies and the most trusted financial professionals in the industry.

Proud to be Italian
We believe that our heritage is also a strong point. This provides a guarantee of independence from certain evaluations that often drive the strategies of international groups.

Confidentiality is second nature to us
Our professional relationship with clients always thrives in a safe environment whose hallmarks are utmost discretion and freedom from external influence.

Thorough and competent professional advice
The real added value of our services lies in the first-rate professional advice we provide to our Clients. Our quality standards are built on elements such as competence, accuracy and responsibility.


Listening closely to our Clients
This is crucial in understanding their expectations and supporting them in planning their life projects, which we evaluate together with clarity of intent and honesty of purpose. Our aim is to set out a shared roadmap leading to fully satisfactory results with a medium/long-term outlook.

What we do

Advanced financial advisory services

Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking specializes in advanced financial advisory services, in providing assistance aimed at the integrated management and appreciation of client assets over time (inheritance planning, fiduciary services, consultancy for managing real estate and art portfolios) and boasts a complete range of portfolio management services with multiline and customized solutions. Also, we offer corporate finance & investment banking services by supporting companies and their shareholders with regard to development strategies, mergers and combinations of companies, business units and shareholdings, leveraged buy-outs (LBOs) and management buy-outs (MBOs), fairness opinions, while also researching equity and debt capital and performing pre-IPO advisory activities.


Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking has its registered office in Reggio Emilia and its operational headquarters in Milan. 

Economic performance

Stable not static

Being stable is not to be confused with remaining static.


The financial services industry is constantly evolving. The advent of new technologies, digitization and above all the macro-economic context have changed the habits and needs of consumers. For all these reasons, it is essential for us to evolve so as to keep up with the times and to effectively identify alternative channels to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our balance sheet figures tell you all you need to know about our financial solidity and our daily commitment to deploy the right tools to address current market challenges and constantly changing scenarios.


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