Credem Group

The Credem Group

"Embracing the values and solidity of a great Italian group"

Credem is a modern bank with a century-old tradition, and one of the main Italian private banking groups.


The institute was founded in 1910 as Banca Agricola Commerciale di Reggio Emilia, by a pool of business leaders from Reggio Emilia. The bank changed its name to Credito Emiliano (Credem for short) in 1983. At that time the bank also acquired Banca Belinzaghi of Milan, this being its first opportunity for significant growth outside Emilia-Romagna regional borders. Today Credem operates in 19 regions nationwide; this expansion was achieved both by opening new branches and through the acquisition of small and mid-sized banks, a strategy that Credem has been actively pursuing since the early 1990s.

A business built on operating excellence

Credem combines technological innovation and specialist expertise to meet customer needs, to keep up with the times or even ahead of them, creating new services and new skills. This is made possible by an exclusive approach to banking that is primarily focused on an ability to listen to customers. In this way, highly personalized services have been developed for both individuals and businesses.

The Credem Group

The Credem Group

The Group's financial results

The best results in the Group's history

Throughout 2021 the Credem Group has continued to create value for its clients: despite an economic and financial scenario that remains difficult, the Group has achieved important results: the best in its history. Today, as banks struggle to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before, Credem is the best institution at European level, among commercial banks, for capital soundness, according to the ranking drawn up by the ECB.


The Group has evolved to keep up with the times and the changes in the market, while proudly embracing its long-standing history of great successes, and continuing to invest in sustainability, innovation and people on a daily basis.